Want to Save on Your Energy Bills This Winter?

The price of energy has gone up exponentially over the last year, leaving us paying more and more per household just to keep warm. Although putting the heating on is unavoidable as winter kicks in, there are various things you can do to cut down on your heating bill. After all, we all could do with saving a bit here and there on the run up to Christmas.

If your home is particularly drafty, then you are undoubtedly spending money on heat that you don’t benefit from. Although insulating your home is a long term solution to lower bills, it will pay off. Lag your boiler, insulate your attic and invest in double glazing for your window; you’ll both feel the difference and see it on your heating bills.

Many of us reach for the thermostat before we really need to, making our home warmer than we might need. If you wrap up warm, and try not to put the heating on, you’ll save money. Once you do put it on, then you won’t need it so high as you’ll be wrapped up. Try drinking hot drinks, making hot water bottles and wearing thick socks!

Check the level your radiators are on. Turn them off in rooms you don’t use, and try to keep all the other at a middle level. If all the radiators in your house are turned up to the maximum, you’ll use a lot more energy. If you have a fire, try using that instead of heating the whole house.

Put your heating system on a timer. By turning it on for limited amounts of time, you’ll save a heap of money. Turn it on for a couple of hours in the morning, and a few more hours in the evening to save on the bills. These small changes will make a big difference to your heating bill this winter, it just takes a little bit of effort!

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