Cameron To Secure Economic Recovery With New Plans

With all the cuts that the coalition government are making, many of us could be forgiven in thinking that the UK might just slip back into a double-dip recession.

However, Prime Minister David Cameron will today explain how he proposes to nip this bud of fear in the neck by announcing a business strategy which is aimed at fortifying Britain’s economic recovery.

The strategy will be aimed at economic growth and will reveal a national infrastructure plan which includes growth targets. The plan has already found enormous support with around £200 billion of backing.

The strategy will be introduced at the Confederation of British Industry and presented to attendees by Cameron, deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg and the business secretary, Vince Cable. It is thought that the prime minister will say that the new plan will “transform our fortunes” post-recession.

The government is not only battling against a weak economy, but also criticism from their opposition that they have not sufficiently explained how they intend to stabilize UK economy. With news that the GDP is slowing (from 1.2% in Q2 to 0.4% in Q3), a firm recovery plan is what many people were waiting for.

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