Families To Lose Up To £16,000 A Year

Many of Britain’s families could be facing massive cuts in benefits after George Osborne announced yesterday, that the government estimates it can save up to £250 million a year by introducing the cut backs.

The cut backs are aimed at unemployed families who receive more in benefits than a family who goes out to work. Yesterday, at the conservative party conference in Birmingham, the chancellor, Osborne emphasised the injustice of such a reality that takes centre stage in Britain’s benefits system.

“Unless they have disabilities to cope with, no family should get more from living on benefits than the average family gets from going out to work,” said Osborne.

“No more open-ended chequebook. Money to families who need it-but not more money than families who go out to work.”

It is thought that as many as 50,000 families will be affected by the cuts. This will see households with no parents working, losing a maximum of £93 a week which is a steep cut back, and which over a year, amounts to a sizeable £4,836 a year.

The cuts have certainly stirred up opinion throughout Britain with two very different sides of the spectrum being voiced today. On  the one hand, we already have as many as 3.9 million children living in poverty in our country and the cuts will most certainly make it harder for families living in poverty to stay in the more affluent areas. This will eventually lead to a complete divide between affluent areas and poorer areas, leaving the former to prosper with good schools and services, and the latter taking backward steps.

On the other hand, we are hearing that families living solely off benefits are receiving higher incomes than the UK’s average of £26,000 a year. It is clear we need to find a balance between the two realities but many are saying the cuts are just too steep.

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