There is no need to sink into a data-induced depression

With the daily influx of ominous looking economic news, it would be rather easy for one to lapse into a bout of investment orientated depression.

However, fear not! According to Don Stammer of INGIM’s Multi Strategy Group, with the luxury of hindsight, we will be able to look back on the present and see that it was neither drastically catastrophic nor overly opportunistic. What is called for then in such turbulent times as these is a sense of proportion and a pinch of patience.

There is no real way to tell what the economic situation will develop into over the next annum. Perhaps it will retreat into a negative or near zero growth rate, perhaps all the fear over a double dip recession could turn out to be an overgrown exaggeration and perhaps the economy will run on, steadily mimicking the flat trend of today.

The emphasis of today’s advice by Don Stammer is to try and behave with detachment and to control ones reactions so as not to ruin investment opportunity.

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