Voters Head out on UK Election Day

Polling stations have been open at least 2 hours as people head out to cast their votes on election day.  Who will win?  So far, it is still expected that the Tories could win by a marginal lead but that the Labout party may still hold the majority of seats in parliament.

Sound confusing? It is…and the awkward situation has been brought about by an exciting twist this year: the Liberal Democrats have managed to gain new support mainly due to ‘dynamic’ leader Nick Clegg.

Despite the fact that this is great news for change, it does mean that a hung parliament (where there is no clear majority winner) looks ever more likely.  This in turn is bad news for the economic recovery as it means that bills and motions could take longer to be passed and approved.

Financial markets are awaiting the election results with much anticipation; the currency exchange market has had its fair share of nervousnous in recent days and weeks thanks to the threat of debt crisis, which it is now feared will spread from Greece to other EU economies.

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