Airlines Tote up Losses over Ash

The world is going mad over ash.  The Icelandic volcano that erupted last Thursday, spewing ash kilometres high into the air, has caused travel chaos and economic fallout across the globe.

Today, some countries are to resume flights grounded since the ash cloud spread over the European continent, while other airspaces remain firmly closed.  Airports in and around London are not open today as British Airways counts the costs of the travel crisis.  So far, the company estimates losses of around 6 million pounds each day that flights are cancelled.

BA is not the only company to be affected – airlines around the world including as far afield as Singapore, Australia and Thailand are also negatively affected by the situation.

The ash cloud – deemed to be harmless to health – is now also heading across the Atlantic and towards North America.  But is it really safe to resume flights?  Many air companies believe that it is; having carried out test flights it has been shown that there is no danger to aircraft.

Passengers ranging from the ordinary to the prominent (including Barack Obama and Angela Merkel) have been dealing with endless journeys by car and coach to reach their destinations.

The currency exchange and commodities markets are watching the cloud with a wary eye…

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