Banks VS Obama

The battle lines are drawn.  The fight has commenced.  Who will win and what will change?

The war is between leaders Obama, Brown and Sarkozy VS the Big Banks.  The former three (well, in Brown’s case it was more other representatives of his team – Mr King for one) have all made a clear stance on how they think the banking systems of their- and other nations should change – drastically.

Now, heads of some of the world’s largest banks have fought back, sayingt that they see no evidence that cutting up their corporations into smaller ones would make any changes for the better.  Furthermore, they blame US and UK leader of being too concerned with domestic concerns (such as local elections).

Meanwhile over in the foreign exchange market, the pound is still riding high against the euro – the latter having problems thanks in part to the economic woes from Greece and Portugal.

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One Comment on “Banks VS Obama”

  1. kip Says:

    Gee whiz, the robbers don’t want any cops on the street.
    Surprise, surprise…

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