Economic Growth in Germany not Stable

Never thought we’d hear this one so early in 2010 – Britain is set to be told it left the recession in the fourth quarter while the so-far squeaky clean German economy is looking less rosy.

So far, Britain’s economic woes over the last year and a half have been pretty acute.  A failing banking sector, risky trading activity, a year of gloom following general devil-may-care attitude from the Champagne-drinking City boys and girls…no-one seemed to be impressed as the UK landed in the recession doldrums while everyone else was busily recovering.  Until now!

Yesterday, Germany was told that its economy shrank by 5 per cent in 2009.  This was not quite as had been expected – it had been hoped that the overall figure would be more like 4.8 per cent.

The data for the final months of that year are not yet released but given the latest, many economists predict that the picture for areas like retail sales and consumer confidence are likely to look poor.

But there are analysts who say that the reality will be a mild level of growth but an overal picture of fragility – as will be the case in Britain.  Too early for the corks to be popping then?

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One Comment on “Economic Growth in Germany not Stable”

  1. giantgames Says:

    Someone in our industry complained to me last week that the recession had not been hard enough and across Europe too many compnaies that should go bust were holding on. Perhaps he will get his way with a very poor return to normal this year.

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