Overseas Property? Yes please

Today’s hot topic is overseas property investment.  OK, so you may not be thinking about a place in the sun right now, what with the winter holidays around the corner and more important things to splash your cash on.  Yet it seems that despite the burst property bubble this year, Brits can still make the most of the pound-euro exchange rate.

Some are choosing to sell their properties – but wait…surely the pound’s relative weakness against the robust euro means bad news for Brits?  Apparently not; a specialist research agency found that over a four year period, since 2005, Brits could see the value of their overseas property rise.  This despite market volatility.

Meanwhile, foreign properties are slowly increasing in value and many UK property investors are rushing back to the Spanish coastline to get their hands on a hot asset.  So…make sure you get a good overseas mortgage broker – you’ll need their expert advice and negotiation tactics.  Not only that but they can translate complex legal paperwork!

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