Europe Emerges

The Eurozone has left the recession if latest figures are anything to go by.  As usual, there were mixed opinions over the level of recovery, what had been hoped for and what it all really means.

First, there were the analysts who said that the results were worse than expected: the entire Eurozone (plus countries which don’t use the Euro like Britain and Sweden) reported a total growth of 0.2 per cent.

Next were those that said that growth (and therefore recession-exiting) was occurring earlier than expected.

Finally, there were the analysts who reiterated the question – why is the UK having so much more trouble than the rest the large European economies?  Why are UK consumers so much more sluggish than their German counterparts at returning to the shops?  The answer lies in Britain’s credit issues and the size of its financial sector which left the country far more exposed to crash than France or Germany

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