US Hedge Fund: 20 Arrested for Insider Trading

Before you get involved in a hedge fund or any kind of fund and place your investments in the hands of a fund manager – make sure you understand what you are getting involved in.

This golden rule can always be applied but unfortunately crime does penetrate the investment world – and the latest case is one that reads like a crime thriller novel.  Galleon Group, a large hedge fund based in the US, is at the centre of a huge criminal case of insider trading.

The Group’s founder Mr Rajaratnam, born in Sri Lanka, is at the core of the case though denies wrongdoing.  The total of illegally-gained profits currently stands at around $50 million dollars and involves mangers, lawyers, traders and executives from all around the US.

Around 20 people have been charged in the case and Mr Rajaratnam is on $100 million bail.

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