New investment ideas – worth it or steer clear?

It seems as though money advice-givers and analysts are trying to find ever-increasing ways to invest.  In the current economic climate – the UK struggling out of recession, with a government headed for an uncertain future – economists are exploring investment opportunities. 

 Some have become less popular, others are growing again.  For instance, Brits are returning to the Spain and France property market like bees to the honey.  Corporate investors are eyeing up the commercial property market again – a sector which suffered a fall since its heyday in 2007. 

 Smalltime investors are also seeking out new ways to grow their money – and aside from gold, which in its various forms is still gaining in strenghth, there are other places said to be worth a look.  The Times includes memorabilia, wine and coins in its list of good places to explore. 

 But surely these take just as much effort, time, research and knowledge as any type of investment?  Sure, we all know what a bottle of wine looks like, but can we tell a real investment from a dud?  It may be easier to grasp in concept than a complicated investment fund, but the losses can be just as great.  The same goes for collectables – this is an area which is dominated by experts and there are just as many false ‘growth’ opportunities as there would be in any financial tool. 

 It may sound like fun, but before plunging in it could be worthwhile really doing the homework.  Just as you would with CFDs, financial spread betting, forex trading, funds, or share dealing.

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