BBC, Channel 4 and the Recession

The broadcasting sector has seen its fair share of the recession, with cutbacks and cost slashing.  Now, the insults are flying as a report was leaked that indicated the BBC might be planning extensions at a new base in Salford.  The report seemed to show that over 800 million GBP is to be spent on the project. 

Was this news received with joy?  It was not.  Channel 4’s Chairman, Luke Johnson, hurled some pretty harsh criticism at the BBC, calling it “Stalinist” and having an “Alice in Wonderland approach”.  Was he right to use such comparisons?  Anyone with knowledge of the Stalinist dictatorship might think Johnson’s words were perhaps a little over the top, but some may agree that the BBC seems to be choosing an odd time to plan expensive projects such as this one.

Or…was Johnson reacting out of frustration and anger that the BBC seem to be better off? 

The recession bites and has bitten all corners of the country, and while we have all continued to watch our favourite channels, they too have been suffering under the biggest belt-tightening the UK has seen in a very, very long time.  The BBC reacted to the story by saying that these were internal documents with an early idea, and that any money spent would be spread over a period of around 20 years….

One wonders if Johnson has planned any similar investments for the leftfield-cum-mainstream channel?

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