Investments Trading – Which Way?

Yesterday we discussed investment options.  There are so many ways to invest your ISA allowance as we discovered, but what about longer-term investments?

Many people are now thinking about the future, and building up a security for later years – for themselves or for offspring.  A dabble in the trading game might appeal to many, so what are some ways to go about this?

1. Forex trading – this is an obvious way to get into trading.  Easily  accessed, and the largest liquid market at your disposal, you can play the currencies of the world and make good returns on the right decisions.  You get to start by using a demo account, so you can play a virtual game of monopoly with ‘fake’ money – an excellent way to start gently, get the hang of it and be sure before getting in too deep.

2. CFD trading – this is much more risky and tough, so not for the fainthearted.  It is also not for laid back investors who want to buy and forget.  CFDs require hands-on attention and being prepared to make a sharp decision quickly.  CFDs are unique in that you don’t actually own the share.  Rather, you make profit – or loss – on the difference between the price at which you bought and the price at which you sold at close of contract.  It is best to really consider how willing you are to give over some of your time and attention to CFDs before you enter into a contract.

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