Snow Causes Chaos

Snow Day has caused chaos in Britain.  London came to a virtual standstill on Monday  – offices, restaurants, shops, galleries – most worked on the minimum staff numbers and many were forced to close.  Of the offices that did have staff show up for work, most were making their way home by lunchtime.  Social network sites such as Facebook were covered with new albums of people in the snow –  given it was the most snowfall in 18 years, it was certainly the hot topic of the day.

There was anger across the capital as the resources to deal with severe conditions seem minimal.  People struggled to navigate their way through up to eight inches of snow on pavements, which by the end of the day had turned to a dangerous cocktail of ice and sludge.  Only few pavements received grit and salt treatment.  But the Mayor of London Boris Johnson argued that there was not enough extreme weather in the UK to warrant more snow ploughs and other machinery to be invested.  But this did nothing to appease those who wonder why an entire city should come to a complete standstill when the weather was in fact forecast for some time.

The Federation of Small Businesses reported the costs of “Snow Day” were around £1 bn – not an ideal waste given the recession.  In fact, it has been predicted that further snowfall could prolong the recession.  

Despite the negative knock-on effects of the weather, there were some who saw a positive angle: those in the financial sector – traders, those working in money exchange and bankers were able to have days with families and children.  Forced to take a day off work, they may have enjoyed a day of relative enjoyment and less stress.

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