Bernard Madoff Angers Prosecuters

Bernie’s made the authorities angry again.. this time he’s been caught out sending his family and friends expensive gifts.  Apparently he was not aware that sending gifts of jewellry, watches and other luxury goods to loved ones went against his frozen asset ruling. 

Prosecuters have now demanded that he be sent to jail until his trial commences, this despite his lawyer stating he is not a threat to any person and is very unlikely to flee (his passport and that of his wife have already been turned in).  The judge on the case has requested that both parties – pro and con Madoff – submit letters stating their arguments as to why the alledged fraudster should be locked up or not until trial. 

What do you think?  Should the 70-year-old possible fraud mastermind and former head of Nasdaq spend his time behind bars until he goes to court, or should he enjoy what is left of his freedom – if found guilty he faces pretty much the rest of his life in jail.  It does seem slightly surprising that he was not aware his very generous gifts (some reported as being with around $1 million) are in violation of his rights.  After all, he is accused of using his financial prowess and expertise to effectively rinse a large number of banks, investors and even charities of a fortune so high this scandal is seen as worse than Enron….

Answers and comments below please!

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